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Penguin brand socks with its Penguin Logo is a subsidiary of Kandurata Umbrellas which started as a new venture in 2009 We welcome all our customers to visit our Web site as well as our factory located at Kadugannawa, Sri Lanka. We announce with pride that Penguin brand Socks, which is a new venture has earned the admiration of many customers both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Therefore, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our new venture where all your requirements regarding socks can be met with the utmost care, giving you the best in ultimate international quality standards.

We cater to a diverse cross section of clients both in Sri Lanka and abroad where the end result is satisfactory, comfort, long lasting socks to suit a large clientele. Among our products are: Socks for men, women, children, sportswear and socks (School socks, Casual socks, Kids socks, Sport socks, Office socks, Men’s and Women) to suit any occasion or requirement.

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Featured Socks Catogories

Our trend-led collection of socks

Socks forMens

These socks come in different designs and colours and are made from cotton a well as chemically treated fabric. Theyare manufactured in modern machinery in diverse shapes, colours and textures to suit different occasions, such as sports, formal wear, casual wear and even orthopedic requirements.

Mens Socks
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Socks forWomens

These socks come in various colours designs and sizes. They are designed to suit ports activities for women, as fashion accessories, and a combination or individually to suit both temperate and tropical climates.

Womens Socks
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Socks forKids

A vast array ofcolorful socks designed and manufactured to suit school wear, sportswear, and other occasions. They are manufactured to suit climatic conditions as well as individual needs such as handicapped children and other differently abled children who need specially designed socks. Specially for children, socks with logos and sportswear are manufactured along with fine cotton crew socks.

Kids Socks
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Why You Buy Penguin Socks


ISO 9001:2008

An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company

Ganna Ape De

Ganna Ape De 2008

  • We offer design innovation, quality, value and service to customers and also cater to the changing needs of society to suit the challengers of the 21st Century.
  • For children of school going age socks are manufactured in various forms such as bold knee high, wool ribbed, over the knees, cotton anklets socks, Blister Block low cut socks, socks for sports wear with arch support.
  • For men, socks come in various designs, shapes, sizes and colours. For those who need socks for formal wear, knee high ribbed socks for foot ball players, and socks designed to suit every kind of sport, be it in the tropics or colder climates.
  • Apart from all these, Penguin socks, which are manufactured using the latest materials and machinery come in stripes, computer socks, Office socks, Rugby, Foot Ball and casual sports socks and ankle and ½ Ankle socks with the Penguin Logo.